The importance of reconnecting with our roots

Today’s society pushes us to have a hectic pace.

The days go by fast and we don’t stop for a second. Thus, day after day.

Connecting with ourselves and with our roots is essential to align ourselves with life and to take care of ourselves both inside and out.

Yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices help us to connect with ourselves, to internalize and to find a balance between the mundane and the spiritual. But these practices also teach us to admire and value the nature that surrounds us and of which we are a part.

Learning, understanding and respecting the rhythms of nature makes us feel in tune and harmony, make us love life and thankful for everything it offers us, for who we are.

A walk in the countryside, wetting your feet in the sea or observing the birds interacting with each other, allows us to fill and recharge our energy, in addition to learning how everything has a function and the harmony that exists in it.

Observe in silence and give the place it deserves to each plant and animal that inhabits it. Feeling that they are alive and that like animals, plants also feel.

We must understand the importance of nature in our lives. There we can find peace.

There are times when it is difficult to go out to the field or to the beach, and for that reason, I recommend having plants at home.

Whether you have any space indoors or outdoors.

Whether you germinate it from scratch or buy it, it’s important to make them part of the family. Be aware that they are living beings and that you now live in the same space.

There are thousands of plants that, in addition to offering us their beauty, provide us with food. Aromatic plants, for infusions or even vegetables for our day to day.

It is never too late to start feeling connected and taking care of yourself a little more. Go ahead and discover the magical connection that plants can offer you.