Having your own vegetable garden offers great added value to both hotels and restaurants.

Cultivating your own garden is a differentiating element that will generate added value and brand image to your business that your clients will appreciate from minute zero.

It is an upward trend in countries such as Italy, France, the United States or Australia and it is spreading rapidly in Spain.


The vegetable gardens in hotels and restaurants are an easy way to offer ecological and fresh products to your guests, grow those products that are difficult to find in the market or include aromatic plants and edible flowers, which will not only generate savings in the shopping cart, but will favor your creativity.

It is the perfect way to get to know the product that you offer to your guests, even being able to see and choose the food they want to eat.


  • Quality native products with freshness, flavor and nutrients.
  • Seasonal products to inspire your dishes
  • You reduce the emission of greenhouse gases thanks to transport savings.
  • Growing your own garden will add value to your business that your guests, increasingly interested in what they eat and where it comes from, will appreciate.
  • You will be your own supplier so you will save in the shopping cart.
  • You only collect what you are going to cook; you will reducing the amount of food thrown away.
  • It allows you to carry out sustainable techniques.
  • It will provide you with knowledge of how to grow different vegetables and fruits, which will bring you closer to your work.
  • You will help generate more local jobs.
  • You will differentiate yourself from other businesses that will be a way to attract new customers.


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